Стоян Недев – зограф, иконограф и реставратор в ателието му има лечебeн извор на Св.ВМЧК Георги Победоносец. Изработва икони и други по поръчка.

St George’s Spring

On the day when the spring issued from the floor three doves appeared delineating a cross as an omen of the miracle to happen. A lot of people have come to the spring to take water in recent years and quite a lot of them have found a cure.

Лечебен извор на Св.ВМЧК Георги Победоносец

Saint George the Victorious,
pray to God to save the pious people of Bulgaria
and to grant us health, peace and prosperity!


izvor_sv_georgi izvor_sv_georgii




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